September 1, 2014

ManCat Labor Day Monday

Today is a United States holiday and Tommy says the kinda end of Summer.  Hmm. 
Not really sure how that happens since the temp will inch close
to a hunnert again. And then Tommy will mutter 'iced coffee' and well--You know how the humans are--oh and lookee at this crafty thingy Tommy did on a piece of rock--uh--wait, Tommy says "tumbled marble."  
Yea. Whatever. 
I just know she used Uncle MaxMaxx and not a photo of ME!   Tommy says I just gotta be patient. Uh-huh. Yea. So in the meantime time I do my own celebration of Labor Day:
Not bad. Not bad at all.

August 31, 2014

Sunday Still


and Brother Earl Gray in a pose that sure hasn't
changed much as the day went on---except I did have
my peepers shut for most of it. And since it is still Sunday,
There is lots more easy I gotta get goin' on!

August 30, 2014

Saturday Rules

defending our un-made, and un-sheeted bed (OK, so Tommy had sheets and stuff in the washer)
from this new found prey: the wretched red ruler snake. Forget the fact, Tommy used the red ruler snake to measure space on flower pots--why, who knows?--I just know this serpent bothered me and I had to show which one of us, on this Saturday, ruled the roost...

August 21, 2014

Teary on Thursday

Today the blogosphere is a bit more dim. 
A sweet ladycat Sparkle the Designer cat passed away. Although she'd been
very ill with CRF and other ailments, we hoped and prayed this lovely ladycat would get well.  Sadly, it was not to be.

Sparkle, along with her human visited my blog every day. And seemed to understand when Tommy  lock'd  up the PC so I couldn't visit anybody. Sparkle always made us smile and we could count on her support.  She seemed to be close at hand, even if Sparkle lived a couple time zones in the past from us--namely California. I imagined Sparkle and me hanging out on that HOLLYWOOD sign someday.  :)  

Last November, Tommy got to meet Sparkle's human at a Cat Writer's convention here in Dallas. And I got an autograph,
While Daddy Peyton decided he found a place to cat nap. Click here for the whole rest of the story.
We pray Sparkle feels better more than she has in a long time. 
And so many prayers and hugs we send to Sparkle's human, Binga and Boodie. We know all of our eyes will be a little leaky for awhile-and that's OK.

From now on, we believe the stars in the night sky will twinkle just that much brighter. 

Thank you, Sparkle  

Noir (your biggest fan!)

August 16, 2014

Tabby So What Saturday?


as I very much ask "So what?" as Tommy snaps a photo op with her new camera--er--phone which my human says comes from the 4th galaxy in a place called Samsung. 
I am quite sure the face 
captures my excitement.
Humans....will they ever learn? 

August 13, 2014

Anniversary on Wordless Wednesday

On August 13, 2013
Uncle MaxMaxx had that P.U. surgery to keep
him away from those ucky, not nice urinary blocks.
Yep. Tis been a whole year. Here's a link to
go back to that infamous day. Eventho we all
knew the surgery was good for Uncle--there
were still scary thoughts. And I remember lotsa
prayers were purred and said which brings us 
to Uncle MaxMaxx today:

Proving how purrs and prayers helped
my Uncle who's pretty wordless as he gots
eyes on a slitherin' paper snake
that Tommy is really brave to hold...
And yes, on this Wednesday my
"Big boned" Uncle did snag the snake
and of course Tommy wasn't quick
'nuf to snap that!  No matter, cause
all good at our house--and
that DOES matter. :)

August 11, 2014

Monday Moment at Twilight


rests on one of Tommy's legs as the
Sun goes all the way down on this Monday and Tommy tries to balance her Chromebook on the other leg. So then, Mommy let Tommy grace in her terrific tuxie-ness for awhile--or was it just 'cause Mommy wanted to watch the Tommy's DVR of tonight's
#MasterChef? After all the chefs did have to cook some big ol' shrimp...all good :)