December 20, 2014

On Saturday

So answer ME this:

Do extra doses of cutecat-ness
Translate into more 
Christmas gifts  cheer??

December 16, 2014

Tuxie Tuesday Thought

Tommy continues on her quest to be another great 'arteest' 
Yes, our 'arteest' set a painted ceramic tile on fire.
 Don't ask. 
The look on Uncle MaxMaxx's face:
May say it all.  
So what did said tile look like after it all got burnt up?
You decide.  
Humans--when will they learn??

December 14, 2014

Sunday Four Supreme

Hello everybody!! While the Gray Skies, with rain drops,
are back in Dallas, our human Tommy finished up a couple
things in her fancy book learning yesterday. And now
awaits for her  Bachelor's of Catnip-er--Science in Sociology
to be in her paws. We are really proud of our human, but..
Today still is Sunday.
 Alas, Brother Earl Gray, Uncle MaxMaxx, Mommy and ME show Tommy gettin' your easy on is even gooder when you know there's a diploma with your name on it! 

December 6, 2014

Shut Eye Saturday

Tommy finally quit sneezin', coughin' and got her voice back and now says there is also light at the end of a tunnel Tommy calls her bachelor's diploma. Hmm.
As long as Tommy keeps turning that light into food for our bowls-
she can go thru any tunnel she wants!
In the meantime:

ME and sweet Mommy take in Saturday just as it oughta be!

November 30, 2014

Tabby Too Easy Indeed!

Been busy all week with Tommy either
fussin' about her fancy book learnin' or
Tommy sniffling and coughing and why is it always about the human??  Nonetheless, Sunday rolled around and:
MeanGirlcat (aka Mooch) and Daddy Peyton
prove miracles do happen while being 
Easy in the process. 
I guess kinda tis the season for miracles, huh? 

November 23, 2014

Sunday Sun

Since the raindrops moved out of Dallas:
Uncle MaxMaxx gets splashed on by the Sun,
as he grooms himself all handsome
...just so a catnap can be had! 
Easy, indeed.

November 22, 2014

Saturday So What

Dreary Dallas skies and the
rains are suppose to come our way--
 Tommy says she's seen about 15 rain drops.
As for us...
ME and Uncle MaxMaxx snooze away
any drips that drop, as Mommy kinda keeps guard,
 while Tommy's foot (under the quilt) is my pillow.
All good.