January 22, 2009


So this is the man and his wife who just moved into the big White House.
Tommy says she's happy they are finally there.
They look nice enough. The wife looks pretty in her dress. The man, Tommy says, looks dapper. I don't know what that means. Tommy smiled when she said it. So it's good.
They do look kinda nice standing on that big bird on the floor.
Wonder how that bird would taste? Any cat would be happy to know.
Anyway, Tommy says "He's our President!"
I wonder if President still wants a puppy?
President got four years.
Will he change his mind?


Everycat said...

He's got so much spare room in that big Whitehouse, he definately needs some cats - some homeless cats would really appreciate that kinda home!


Noir said...

I agree! That would be PURR-fect for some our distant relatives to live there. There's not been enough cats in that White House!