January 4, 2009

So She Says

Tommy says I gotta wait for her to play with ME. Grrr. She says since the Dallas Cowboys aren't playing football for a really long time (I think QB Tony Romo needs to man up), that gives HER time to clean. Like our kitchen she says. Tommy says she's afraid some human eating mutant plant will spring from the sink because of the dishes she's gotta wash by hand. Tommy mutters she wants a dishwasher but she'd have to buy one and then have it installed. Hmm. She already washes dishes herself. Why does she need to buy another dishwasher? I don't get it. After I dropped my little stuffed mouse at her feet. Tommy did pet me and says, "You're my Baby Noir." Then says she needs to do dishes and how bout I go take a nap? Then we'll play later. For this one time, I'll do what I'm told. Me and my bestest girl: Mommy.


Samantha and Mr. Tigger said...

Hi Noir! We are very pleased to meet you! It will be fun to follow your adventures! Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere!
Your FL furiends,

Victor Tabbycat said...

Hi Noir! Amember, Tabby's Rule. You is lucky you know yur momma cat. Nina an I bof don't amember ours. I's sorry Tommy don't always play when you wanna play. Nina drags her mousie, wand an all, up to Mom or Dad or efun da boy an says "MEOW" so der's no mistake. An if dey won't play rite den, she'll keep MEOWin her furry loudest! If I wanna play, I just find Nina an tag her.