February 22, 2009

Easy Like Sunday

Sunday oughta be like this.
Mommy and Uncle MaxMaxx. I like showing them lots 'cause they curl still like itty bitty cats.
Uncle MaxMaxx protects and holds on to Mommy still-eventho Mommy had us and now we're big.
Tommy says before Mommy, Uncle MaxMaxx and Daddy Peyton let her catch them and moved in, she set a cat bed on her porch. Mommy and Daddy Peyton curled up in it, while Uncle MaxMaxx would lie right beside. He never left them.

Once inside, Daddy Peyton found his own curl spots.
Mommy and Uncle MaxMaxx act like they're still on Tommy's porch.
I like that.


Grrreta said...

What cute pictures! It's so sweet to see them snuggling together.

Noir said...

Tommy says Thank You! She likes taking them. I like showing them off.

Derby said...

Sunday is a good snooze day!

Noir said...

...and so are Monday thru Saturday! :)