February 6, 2009

Float On Friday

Tommy dances around the house alot today.
Keeps saying, "Weekend! Weekend! Weekend!"
Like Tommy is floating on some clouds.
When she gets off them clouds, Tommy better not step on us.
Better yet, Tommy can't float too much cuz bowls need fillin'!
Priorities. Even on the Weekend.


The Creek Cats said...

Thataway to keep her in line! Our mom has been actin crazy cause it's the weekend too....humans!

Noir said...

Ain't the truth! Tommy likes your creek. She is glued to those TV shows on HGTV how to sell you house. Tommy is back on this masterbathroom thing. Me--I don't care WHERE the litter box is. Humans.

Grrreta said...

It is very smart to make sure your bean knows that feeding the kitties is the top priority. Our mommy doesn't dare sleep in on weekends past our regular feeding time. She knows we won't let her sleep as long as we have hungry kitty tummies.

Noir said...

Ya know--sometimes when Tommy stays in past our regular time, we all get in bed with her and just sleep away. She seems to like that except when we we're so close Tommy can't turn over. Gee, then she gets up and feeds us. :)