February 27, 2009

Friday Foo Fine

Tommy skips around our house and shouts "It's Friday!" Doesn't even mind she ran out of sugar for her oatmeal. Tommy just skips on. Must be a thing humans do.

On this Friday, I get a bath. Doing just fine--with my brother mine, Earl Gray.

Happy Friday to all my purr-fect pals and their humans. Enjoy this day!

I am.


The Creek Cats said...

Happy Friday to all! We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Elin! said...

What a nice photo...and your nose shows that u a having a great day!


The Monkeys said...

OMG we love this photo! It's perhaps a little intimate for the young ones though ;)

Noir said...

Glad you like the photo! Too intimate? Really? Tommy was an only kitten and never had a brother or sister to take care of. That's why she likes the picture of Me and Earl Gray.