February 9, 2009

ManCat Monday Max

I see some other cats have ManCat Monday so instead of ME, I thought I would show off one of my favorite ManCats: my Uncle MaxMaxx. I say he's fat. He says he's just big boned. Uncle MaxMaxx likes to climb around Tommy's back when she sits at the PC. She laughs and says "Oh, Big Boy!" Uncle MaxMaxx meows then. Against Tommy's legs, MaxMaxx puts ALL his 'big boned weight there and she nearly falls over. A forklift, Tommy says, is needed to pick him up. When Uncle MaxMaxx is stretched on the bed, belly up and snores galore, Tommy says she says he's so cute and how much she loves my Uncle.

Hmm. I bet not as much as ME!

Don't tell Uncle MaxMaxx


The Creek Cats said...

It's so nice to meet another big boned kitty in the blogosphere, like me! I am on a diet now though, it's not fun, I don't recommend it. Avoid it if you can Unlce Maxx!

The Monkeys said...

There's no way she could love him as much as you! He is very cute, though

Noir said...

Thank you! Tommy says Uncle MaxMaxx was the first to show her some love way back when he was an itty bitty cat and they discovered Tommy. Still rubs her legs like he did. Just more meat on him!