February 15, 2009

Share Sunday

Received two really cool pictures yesterday. And I want everybody to see them!

First: my all black cat chum, Simba, who is sitting in his new bathtub. Simba lives with his human, Ms Master's Degree. They live in Dallas too. Just a little bit aways from us. Tommy really likes how Ms. Master's Degree and Simba re-did their bathroom. Gives Tommy ideas. That scares me.
The second picture is from our chums, Maggy, Zoey and their human Ann. Tommy says she LOVES this picture. Of course she does, it's ME! Tommy says I gotta stop being all arrogant. I don't know what that means. Since she says I need to stop it....I won't. :) A big headbonk to Maggy, Zoey and Ann. I like it lots! THANK YOU!

Enjoy your Sunday everybody!


Grrreta said...

Simba is a very handsome kitty. Zoolatry did a fantastic job on your graphic. It looks very cool!

Noir said...

Tommy told Ms. Master's Degree you thought Simba was handsome. She says thank you! Hmm. But he's not as handsome as me, right?

The Creek Cats said...

We think Simba is handsome too!!! But of course, not as handsome as you Noir!

Zoolary did an awesome job, like always!