March 1, 2009

Easy On Sunday

....with the eyes. Mommy, Uncle MaxMaxx and Cranky Ol' Sour Puss Perry tried to get their curl spots on Tommy's bed.
Well, something happened --as usual-- so they all gave each other 'the eye.'
Tommy laughs and says she wouldn't know what to do if the Mean Three didn't have a daily tussle. Tommy likes Sunday. We're all together. It's quiet and just a little easy.
I like it too.
And so does Uncle MaxMaxx. He gets easy anywhere anytime.


Grrreta said...

Sometimes a little stare-down is necessary to make sure everykitty gets their favorite napping spot. We hope you had a wonderful Sunday.

Noir said...

Ours was good! I got Tommy to play fetch with the new toy she bought us. Hope yours was good too!!!