March 9, 2009

Mancat Monday with Mommy Too!

Me giving my Brother Earl Gray a bath.
Mommy watches just to make sure.

Tommy says we've grown so big

That she feels so protected with us on guard.

Yep, that's what we mancats do.

And Mommy?

If it weren't for her,

We wouldn't even be here

to BE mancats!

Mommy's our bestest girl.

Me and Mommy


The Monkeys said...

What nice photos! I love the kitten photo too

Noir said...

Thanks! Tommy likes taking pictures of us. She says too bad they don't pay for the litter! :) Have a great Monday!

The Creek Cats said...

We bet you guys are great protective Mancats!

Noir said...

We'd like to think so!! Thanks fot stopping by!

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

What great mancats you guys are! That picture of the three of you together is so cute!

Noir said...

We thank you! Brother Earl Gray thinks he's tougher than me..nope! But he'll try to get under Mommy's chin--he doesn't fit any more. :)