March 21, 2009

Saturday Sighting

Is it a bird? A plane? Cat Nip Fairy?
Nope. It's a little flying thing Tommy says is a moth.
Uncle MaxMaxx and Mommy are intrigued.
Brother Earl Gray can't be bothered.
That little flying thing caused lots of action round here.
Tommy says she wishes she video'd us
But was too busy getting her '70's on.
Whatever. I don't know what that means
She's smilin' tho, so it must be good.
Besides, Tommy got the little flying thing out the door.
All was calm again.
And a bit dull.


The Whippy Curly Tails said...

What happened????????????

Noir said...

Since the little flying thing flew out the window we had to be entertained with something. Cranky Ol Sour Puss Perry took care of that! He had his inner kitten on a tossed around a catnip pillow. We wanted to play. And as cranks do--Perry stopped.

Elin! said...

what ever it is, those pictures are maqnifique!