March 19, 2009

Tuxie Tabby Thursday Truce

Once again, Mommy and Cranky Ol Sour Puss Perry sit close.
He doesn't seem to mind.
And Mommy doesn't seem to be scared.
Maybe...just maybe
Perry really does like us.
Or maybe they're just interested in something
that crawls or walks near?
Naw. I wanna believe they've called
A truce.


The Creek Cats said...

We hope they've called a truce!!

The Monkeys said...

It looks like it could definitely be a truce! Let's keep our toes crossed

Noir said...

I hope so too. Perry let me sit by him today. No hiss or anything. He tried to swat my tail. Maybe--just maybe.

The Island Cats said...

Yep, looks like both have waived the white flag!

Grrreta said...

It definitely looks like a truce to me.

Noir said...

I finally think so too!!!