April 24, 2009

Friday Femme Fatale

That's what Tommy says Mommy is
I don't get it
But Tommy smiles when she says it
So it must be good.
Mommy says she doesn't mind Tommy
Taking ALL those pictures
I so tire of it. Just feed me. Leave me alone
Mommy says if Tommy hadn't let
Her, Daddy Peyton and Uncle MaxMaxx move in
She's not sure where they would be.
Mommy said the little boy and family they lived with
Said they loved them, but had to get rid of all the cats.
So Mommy, Daddy and Uncle ran around loose mostly
And would sleep in the bed Tommy put outside for them, or under the steps.
One rainy night, Mommy says Tommy opened her door and all 3 of us came from out
Under the steps and up to her. Mommy was scared
But Mommy always went where Uncle went
And that night, it was inside with Tommy
They've never left
So Mommy says I really need to get over the picture taking thing.
We have a forever home
And need to be grateful.
OK. Sheesh.
I still want treats.

I love Mommy


The Monkeys said...

You're all very lucky to have such a great human that took you in. Very sweet story!

The Creek Cats said...

Bless you hearts! You have a very good Tommy to take you all in.

Angel said...

Tommy is an angel! How lucky all of yo are to have her!

Cliff and Olivia said...

Treats are important. Mommy sounds OK too.

Elin~ said...

Mommy is heaven in the world!
Glad that u are happy!
Happy weekend!

The Island Cats said...

We think you should get 5 treats for every picture taken of you!

Noir in Texas said...

I would LOVE 5 treats--but Tommy says we bankrupt her all ready. I don't know what means. Tomm kinda laughs when she says it...but not all the time!

Thanks for stopping by!


Grrreta said...

You kitties and Tommy are very lucky to have found each other. It looks like you kitties have found the most wonderful forever home. It sounds like Tommy might be open to negotiate the treat situation. I hope you get lots of them.