April 9, 2009

Time Down

I've liked Tommy being home.
We all stay in bed longer.
Even Uncle MaxMaxx stays put
He won't even camp out by the food bowl.
Sometimes Tommy does get all confused when she wakes up and can't move.
Seems one of us is glued to her side
Or planted on her chest.
Tommy wants a picture of that, but never has the camera close.
On this Thursday Tommy says she has to do a couple
More errands, then will be home for the rest of the day
Tommy mutters about cleaning out our spare bedroom
We'll see how long THAT lasts
When Tommy realizes to curl with us
To watch the Young and the Restless
Is much more fun!


The Monkeys said...

We're having cleaning day, too! We wonder if Mommy will do it also :)

Noir said...

If your Mommy is like our Tommy--may not last too long. That's OK, more lap time for US!

The Creek Cats said...

Your bed looks so much like our bed.... it can get a bit crowded!

Noir said...

Tommy says why even make the bed? We always mess it up! And at this moment, Tommy's decided putting up a squirrel feeder is more needed than cleaning the back bedroom....She fed us and cleaned our box. So priorities have been completed. :)

Angel said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog! we are always glad to meet other Texas cats! Mom said we are just plain o Texas cats, what ever that means! We will add you to our reader so we can visit more!

Elin~ said...

U guys looks so relaxing.. :)

Noir said...

We had a great time today. Tommy says she'll try that cleaning thing.....tomorrow!

HY said...

hi,Noir! thank you for your comment :)

my two cats like my bed, and relaxing at night. so i can't turn over!!

Noir said...

This morning, we (except for Daddy Peyton who was in the window) glued our fur to Tommy. Said her circulation was cut, but loved us anyway! :)