April 7, 2009

Tuesday Tabby Taxed

Tommy scampered to see her Tax Man today
Then came back home kinda sad
Seems if she had waited 3 weeks and bought our house the day after her birthday last year
There woulda been some kinda credit for being a first time home buyer.
Aren't WE credit enough?
Anyway Tommy mutters: "Well, since I didn't get it, I don't have to pay it back. Sure woulda been nice to have $7500 tho."
I don't get that.
Does that mean Tommy can't buy us any more of the stuff WE like?
Tommy mutters more how Tax Man will call her in a couple days for the final outcome.
Just as long as our litter and eats are not compromised.
In the meantime, I love Tommy having the week off and home more.
As for Earl Gray and Uncle MaxMaxx
They seem to take this Tuesday Tax Man thing in their usual stride.

Think I'll take this day in stride too.

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The Monkeys said...

What a sweet photo!