May 18, 2009

ManCat Monday Mystery

Perry (I try my best to not call him Cranky Ol Sour Puss much)
Looks out over his savanna
There's this bird--which of course is SO far away-
Yet has Perry's attention
Had Tommy's attention too.
It got closer after Tommy snapped this picture, but
Perry had lost interest and bailed
Tommy thinks it's a pigeon, but says the face doesn't look pigeon-y
So we have a mystery bird amongst the rest and squirrels
At least Perry had some entertainment until he bailed
The "TODAY Show" was about to start
Perry wonders if Matt Lauer has a cat
ManCats are curious about the world and wonder alot.
That's how we roll.


The Creek Cats said...

Big fevvers!! We have big fevvers too, we have ducks!

Angel said...

That big bird looks like the pigeons we have! We often wonder what kind of pets TV people have!

Cliff and Olivia said...

We're sure that's a pigeon. We have a couple of them at the summer house. They live in the big garden that surrounds our cat yards. Very big birdies.

Noir in Texas said...

Tommy is surprised the birds that find our house. There were 2 green parrots and that hawk or falcon. They showed up once and that was it. We'll see if the pigeon comes again. Just the one of it.

Thanks for your input! I love having Purr-pals!


Reese =^..^= said...

Hmmmmm about Matt Lauer.

The Monkeys said...

It does look a bit like a pigeon but we can't be sure

Noir in Texas said...

Tommy googled while I napped--close by, of course. She tried to show me this picture of a pirate pigeon. It kinda looked the one in our back yard. But the one in our backyard had more black and white speckles. Tommy hopes it comes back tomorrow and gets closer for photo. Just as she feeds us--no worries.

Cheyenne -Millie said...

We aren't sure what kind of bird. Very interesting bird though!! Thanks for the birthday wishes!