May 2, 2009

PC Poo

Me and Tommy both.
We had no PC from Friday morning until this afternoon
Some guy, who Tommy said was from
Some place called Verizon, came to our house today
Tommy thought this Verizon had some inside problem ( I eat grass for that)
And the fact we had no TV, phone or Internet (hence, no Friday blog)
Friday morning, even tho a message on the TV said to call some number
Tommy thought it would be fixed by the time she got home from work
By then it was too late for the guy to come, so today he did
We curled alot-like Me and Brother Earl
And Tommy read to pass the time while we waited for
Our link to the outside world to be fixed
The guy musta did a good job 'cuz I'm back!
OK, so we stayed under the bed
For the two hours the guy was here
Well, all of us except Perry.
Being old, I guess makes you fearless
When PC's don't work it's all poo.


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, no, you had a traumatic couple of days. We're so glad you are back online.

Brownie said...

Oh my! No TV, No internet, no phone? How you survived! :oO

Noir in Texas said...

It was SO hard! I think I woulda clawed out that guys eyes out if he didn't fix the problems! Tommy says he replaced our outside unit and our inside unit--I don't get that. As long as our PC works!

C said...

Mom says computers are a pain... we have had much trouble with them... Also tv. Hope it all stays ok for you.

Grrreta said...

That's a very sweet picture of you and Earl Gray. We're glad you're internet is working again.

Cliff and Olivia said...

That Verizon thing sounds nasty. Better bite it and scratch it!