June 27, 2009

Camera Cat

See Tommy try to be slick
To snap a picture of two handsome ManCats
Posin' pretty in the window
Especially if its ME with Daddy Peyton
Well, Tommy got blur and such
See Tommy get a scowl from ME
For her attempt to interrupt our
Important Daddy and Son ManCat tme
Didn't Tommy see we were busy?
Should she have on bi-focals?
Windows woo our senses, you know
See Tommy get so ignored by the
Two Handsome Mancats in the window
That's what you humans get when you try
To interrupt our important stuff for
YOUR Kodak Moment when we
Ain't quite feelin' that same moment
We're cats. That's how we roll.
Happy Saturday!


pughy said...

Love the pictures today, they rock...

Hugs GJ xx

Fin said...

The pawparrazzi is relentless.

Pemberley said...

awesome pics! :)

Noir in Texas said...

Yes--that pesky pawparrazzi! Thanks for liking the photos!


Cheyenne -Millie said...

Those are interesting pictures! That blurry one is cool!

Humans just don't get it! Half the pictures mom takes of us we are doing important stuff.... and don't want to be disturb by the flashy box!

Noir in Texas said...

You got it exacly!

Angel and Kirby said...

Looks like you had a good father Son moment.