June 9, 2009

Can Ya Hear Me Now?

Uncle MaxMaxx and Tommy's very old phone
Somehow Uncle fit on Tommy's desk
Will all the stuff ON Tommy's desk-I'm amazed
But Uncle couldn't just sit on the desk-
That would be such a big ol' no
Uncle MaxMaxx had to do what comes naturally:
Put something in his mouth!
Don't think this tasted as yummy as goodies in his bowl
Maybe Uncle MaxMaxx tries to tell
Tommy she oughta get a newer phone-
Ya know, one that ushers Tommy into the 21st Century
A phone where Tommy can put pictures of ME on it!
Hey, since she's got the day off
What more is Tommy gonna do?
Heavens knows house cleanin' ain't happening
How can it be when Tommy flops on the couch, a bowl of cereal in hand-
Clicks on the TV and turns to Regis and Kelly?
I woulda at least picked something on HGTV!
Chew it up, Uncle!


Reese =^..^= said...

I don't believe I've effur seen one of dose!

Noir in Texas said...

HA! And you never will! I think Tommy's had that phone since before Mommy, Uncle MaxMAxx, and Daddy Peyton even moved in! ANTIQUE!


Angel and Kirby said...

Tommy really is behind the times on cell phones.

Noir in Texas said...

See, Tommy claims she never really talks on it. Unless she's running late to meet somebody. A few texts. A couple people even have the number. But maybe Tommy should step up...maybe...?

The Island Cats said...

Hahaha! Uncle MaxMaxx...if you chew it up, she'll hafta get a new one!

Fin said...

Chewin up the phone lines heh?

The Monkeys said...

You definitely need to chew that up so that Tommy can get a newer phone! Good work!

Noir in Texas said...

I did something good? Well-FANTASTIC! If you good cats will excuse me, Tommy just jiggled the treat jar!

MM (That's MaxMaxx to you!)

Lily A. Locke said...

Hi! Just because you're in Texas doesn't mean you can't be a musketeer! I added you to D'Artagnan's blogroll of musketeers!

Remember your name is French and the musketeers are French!