June 6, 2009

Sun on Saturday

Really planned to talk about ME today. Yep. How my birthday (and Brother Earl Gray's) is on June 12th. Just round the corner. Then I was gonna tell how I just refuse to meow for ANY reason. It drives Tommy mad. In fact Tommy asked me again today: WHY? as she cradled me in her arms, like a good human should do.

The last time Tommy heard me meow, was at Christmas. Yep, when she took me on a road trip to another human's house cross town. That human had a package that was delivered and he was outta town. So he asked Tommy to go get it. And Tommy decided to take me.

Wrong decision. I hollered ---er--meowed--the whole way. Since then not a peep. If Tommy doesn't do something like she should. I just stare at her and turn off the motorboat purr. Tommy gets the hint.

Yep, was gonna talk about all that, until I saw No So Much Anymore Cranky Ol' Sour Puss Perry in the window. He looked serene (I Googled the definition) on this Saturday, with the sun and window open. So I thought--well, he's old, I'll let Perry be poster boy again.

Enjoy Saturday!

Me at Christmas


Reese =^..^= said...

Dat was nice of you not to talk about dat stuff and just let us see Perry picture.

Noir in Texas said...

I gotta admit, that is a nice picture of Perry. I guess I see why Tommy calls Perry her "One."


Angel and Kirby said...

He looks very serene. Angel hollers all the way to the vet's and back! she don't like to ride ! Why don't you talk?

Noir in Texas said...

Why don't I talk? I did when I was a itty bitty cat. Then when I got big, my Brother Earl Gray seemed to not ever shut up--so I figured he talked for the both of us.

Poppy Q said...

Happy purrfday to you!! I hope you got some snuggles and treats.


Fin said...

Wow not a peep in 6 months?!

VampyVictor said...

Oh you is a sweety! I am sure Perry is not so cranky, I bet you just ahve to know how to talk to him right :)

Cocoa avec une Guimauve said...

Six months is nothing. I've never heard my brother D'Artagnan meow. He purrs though. He purrs so loud my bean once looked out the window thinking it was a car.

But you are a sweetie. When my bean saw you, she wanted to reach through the monitor, scoop you up, and give you a hug.

She settled for me.

-Cocoa avec une Guimauve

Noir in Texas said...

Yep. I don't peep much. I stare alot. And purr. Tommy likes my purr--so that should be plenty.

Noir in Texas

Noir in Texas said...

And for Cocoa avec un Guimauve--I LOVE your name! I wondered if your name fit you--and went to your blog--and it DOES! Tommy thinks you're a pretty girl.

Noir in Texas