July 11, 2009

Do U See What I See?

A few weeks ago new bird landed in our back yard
A pigeon with a speckled face. Just him for a long time
Even to the point when Tommy put out food, he
stayed his distance, yet sat and waited for Tommy
To pour the food. He's been showing up about
Every morning and some evenings
Ate with the other birds, yet he always came: ALONE
Until now.
Perry and Mommy took great notice.
Tommy wonders how many more pigeons?
One moved fast enough his photo got blurred
I wonder if the pigeons know how much
Windows screens save them-
After all-they are nice and plump and.......


Anonymous said...

HA! Those birds would be the main course here!

missbreezysbox said...

Do you know how easy it would be for you to bust the screen out & get those birds? My cats love to watch the birds eat. I purposely feed the birds for my cats entertainment. I only get to open my window for 2 weeks out of the year, Las vegas.

Dory's Backyard said...

Hi Noir,

Do you talk to the birdies?? My cat used to kitty bark at them...

Happy Weekend Smileys!

Noir in Texas said...

Yep, I like to 'chatter' at them. They seem to ignore me--they know I'm behind the glass! Silly birds.

Grrreta said...

I see SNACKS!!! We love watching the snacks...um, I mean birdies eat from our bird feeder.

Noir in Texas said...

Um...yes...SNACKS....er, uh--feathered friends as they dine at our backyard bistro~

The Island Cats said...

Oh those birdies look very tasty...we mean, nice, yeah...they look very nice.... ;-)

Noir in Texas said...

TASTY....er....yes, nice and neighborly....::)

Angel and Kirby said...

We have noticed a lot more pigeons in the last few years than before! Wonder where they all came form?

Noir in Texas said...

I thought pigeons hung out at the parks--but I guess they found us. I wonder why too.