July 9, 2009

Thursday Cat Tuff

Ha! I love it when Tommy says
That when I was itty bitty, she can't
Believe she ever tried to find
Me another forever home!
Loves ME: Her Baby Noir!
Sounds mushy like cream of wheat--but I love IT!
Then there comes a time like now-
Where this human oughta KNOW I love
My stuffed moose toy and it's MINE!
Sometimes I bring it to Tommy so we play fetch
Really it's my prey caught on the savanna!
Anyway-Tommy complains I never meow-
Then she tries to pull the prey from my jaws of death-

Growl. Hiss. FANGS!
Ms. Kodak Moment tries to snap away--but this
Ferocious Tuxie Tabby Tiger is TOO fast
And photos aren't as crisp as should be!
Serves Tommy right-
Of course the pout and whine: "Ah, Baby Noir!"
So I kinda pose-not quite all cutesy kitty like Tommy wants.

Hey--she messed with stuff!
Doesn't Tommy get miffed when I drag her
Smelly ol' tennis shoe by the string?
Tommy thinks I'm trying to play with it--
The shoe STINKS so to drag it by the
String is the only way I can get the shoe to the TRASH!
Face the consequences (I Google'd that word) for your deeds!
They gottta get with the program!


The Kitty Krew said...

Sometimes the beans just don't get it. Your moose is very cool. We like the picture of you wrestling with it, those dark stripes on your back legs are very sharp-looking! The under-cover post (it looks like) is cute too!

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew

PS - Get any of that freak hail storm Wednesday late afternoon? That was weird! Hope all the kitties stayed safe from that!

Noir in Texas said...

We didn't get any hail or one drop of rain! We live by DFW. All we got was wind. I got kinda cloudy--but that's it. So Tommy will have to water the plants today after being bummed about no rain!

And I like my stripes and my white little feeties!


The Monkeys said...

You were and are such a cutie, Noir! We can't believe she tried to find you another forever home, too! I guess it was just a matter of time before she just fell for ya ;)

Noir in Texas said...

Tommy says humans just jacked (I need to Google that to see what means) her around when it came to me. I wasn't a girl. Weren't sure if they're cats would like me. I had a flea (that did get rid of) and they just didn't know. Tommy says the Saturday we sat at Starbucks for 2 hours for a girl to decide and couldn't. Then we stopped at Petsmart and since I was itty bitty, I just stayed curled in Tommy's arms-other humans said how cute I was--and Tommy looked at me and said, "We'll make it work" And we have. She's glad and me too. Just don't mess with my moose!

Angel and Kirby said...

That is a great toy. We are glad Tommy kept you.

We got that freaky hail storm yesterday like the Kitty Krew. WE are glad you missed it but sorry you missed the good rain that followed.

Noir in Texas said...

Tommy says she'll go out and water stuff later on. The rain would have been so nice!