October 29, 2010

Friday Face Off

Hello everybody!  It's kinda late on Friday
And I was gonna take the day off and love on Tommy some--
Cuz she says she's  hissed off and stressed due to work
And the Cowboys losing and the Texas Rangers losin...
So I figure we'd just cat curl when she got home.
She's on her way to do a night abandonment of us.
Yep. Fed us and gonna leave us--again! 
So, I ain't about to take this day off! 
Gonna show you how
Uncle  Maxx and Mommy 'face' the camera
All thru an open October Friday at

Tommy actually snapped this a few minutes ago.
Good Human.


Raymond and Busby said...

That Tommy is all right, even is she is going out tonight. That's how she rolls!

Old Kitty said...

It's never too late to see you Handsome Noir!!

Awwwww! Me and Charlie hope you get to spend some cat cuddling time with lovely Tommy soon!! Yay!

We think adorable Uncle MaxMaxx and beautiful Sweet Mommy are super-duper at facing the flashy thingy! Take care

The Island Cats said...

We can't believe Tommy is leaving all of you tonight! How much fun could she possibly have away from you??!?

Brian said...

Oh my, you can come over and have some nip with us!

Kea said...

What, she's leaving you alone this evening? Terrible!

Our human says she hopes Tommy's work is less frustrating and stressful next week, 'cause she can relate!

Sparkle said...

Your human still isn't familiar with the Two Kitty Rules, is she? So do remind her:

1. Kitties come first
2. When in doubt, follow rule #1

JC said...

What ? Not staying home with you. Go rip up the toilet paper.

Katnip Lounge said...

We cannot imagine what would be more fun than a night home with the kitties!
Your Tommy is crazypants.