December 23, 2010

Perry: The Cat Who Beat Up Santa Claus....

Tis the time of year Tommy’s re-tells the story about a Christmas long ago—in 2001 (way before my  Mommy was even born!)-when Tommy wanted to get pictures made with her kitties and Santa Claus. Tommy had a snowshoe Siamese Sammy and 5 ½ month old orange itty but not so bitty tabby kitty Perry then. The kitties gave Tommy so much comfort and joy since Tommy’s daddy went to Heaven in October that year, and just a month later so did Siamese tabby mix before kitty Brenner. He had cancer. So Sammy and Perry made Tommy smile.
And Tommy thought a picture with Santa would make a lot of smiles.

**On a Saturday afternoon, Tommy packed up Perry and headed to PetsMart to get in line for Santa. She decided to take one kitty at a time. Would be easier she tought. While Tommy and Perry waited, there were other kitties there looking for fur-ever homes. Tommy kinda wanted to get one—so she could have three. But Tommy never had THAT many kitties before! In about 5 years she’d know how that felt….anymew. Tommy and Perry waited as a big black puppy got his turn with Santa. The puppy was sweet and barked just once. Got his picture made and all was good.
**Tommy says you could almost say she glowed.  She loved her some Perry, who had quite the personality. Tommy couldn’t wait for the picture and was happy when Santa motioned them up. Tommy held Perry, in her hands, by this time, and he just meowed a couple times. Nothing major, Tommy thought.
**So Tommy says to Santa, “This is Perry.” Santa is jolly and says, “Well, hello Perry” and starts to take Perry out of Tommy’s arms.
**Wrong move, Ol’ St. Nick.
**The next thing, Tommy says, is you heard Perry screamin’ and hissin’ and saw his orange arms just flyin’! Tommy still had a hold of Perry, who had a hold of Santa and Santa’s glasses were coming off his face. Somehow, Tommy held Perry. Peeled him off of Santa and got him in the carrier.
**The carrier rocked to and fro with Perry still screamin’. Tommy says her she knows her eyes were as wide as all get out. She stared at Santa whose glasses were crooked. When Santa took the glasses off, there was blood above his eyebrow and then Tommy saw blood from Santa's temple. The she saw the blood drops in Santa’s white beard. Tommy was in shock. Didn’t know what to do. The only thing out of her mouth was:
**“He’s had his shots.”
**Then Tommy started apologizin’. She didn’t know if the police were gonna come and haul off her and Perry. Who would bail them out of the pound? Everybody in the store just stopped and stared. Tommy just apologized over and over. Perry finally got quiet. I guess he had to catch his breath. Mrs. Claus came over and said to Santa: “He got you pretty good.” She left for a few minutes and came back with a first aid kit.
**Tommy just stood there as Mrs. Claus put stuff on Santa's wounds. Santa said, “Oh, it’s all right. He was scared.” Tommy apologized for the millionth time and declined Santa’s to try again. Instead Tommy chose to walk fast, yet tread lightly out of PetsMart just in case the police DID come.
**Once out in the parking lot, two ladies were walking puppies that wanted furr-ever homes. One of em looked at Tommy and asked, “You the one with the cat that tore up Santa?”
**Tommy was embarrassed and nodded.  Then the lady started laughing. The lady walking a puppy came up and was told, “Yea, this is her.” That lady started laughing. Tommy says she had to laugh too. The first lady said, “Well, if Santa is gonna pose with animals, something like this might happen. Ya know, he had the dog right before. That probably spooked him. ”  The first lady wanted to see Perry.  So when Tommy opened the carrier, the first lady, said **"Yea, you look like a fighter!"  And laughed more. They all did.
**Tommy realizes the lady could be right. She still felt bad. The first lady says, “Ya know, that was funny. You heard that cat through the store. Santa knows the perils." 
** Tommy took Perry home. Sammy never even got the chance to get a picture with Santa. Tommy said no more. Not gonna risk it.
**And no police ever did show up.
**The first time I heard Tommy tell the story, Perry sat close with his ears back. I later got enough nerve to ask him what was he thinking the day he beat up Santa Claus. Perry didn’t want to answer then he realized I wasn’t gonna stop buggin' him.  Perry’s answer?
**The cranky ol sour puss now a feisty feline in Heaven said he went ballistic cuz he didn’t know who Santa WAS! Yep. All the 5 ½ month old Perry saw was a big ol’ stranger in a red suit, with big belly and a bunch white hair and beard. The black puppy getting his picture made before him didn’t scare Perry---SANTA DID.
** Tommy's never taken any of us to het pictures with Santa. She says her heart just couldn't take it.  Hey, I'd be good.  I wouldn't beat up nobody. Except--well, I would maybe hiss a time or two, to show how ferocious I can be
**And just in Perry's memory. who is still our
**King of this house and watches over this house-would smile on that!
Sammy and Perry One
Two of  Tommy's smiles...


d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

That is such a sweet story, it really made the Rumblemum smile (and I hope the Santa is smiling when he thinks of that day! I bet he is :))

Sparkle said...

That is a GREAT story! Perry is definitely my hero: the cat who tore up Santa Claus!

Lyn said...

what a great tale to tell! poor Perru but the Santa knew the perils of pictures with pets!
Merry Christmas!

Noir the Texas Tabby said...

The story still makes Tommy giggle after all these years....Perry was/is a kitty who purred to beat of a different drummer!


Old Kitty said...

Awwww fiesty and ever so fierce Perry!!! Oh dear!! Me and Charlie are in AWE!! Of course he didn't know who Santa was!! LOL!!! But now that you do, Handsome Noir, we hope you'll be good as gold to him - well maybe hiss a little cos you're fierce too!!!

It's great to see beautiful Sammy too! Take care

Hannah and Lucy said...

Perry fearlessly fights off abductor in false beard!

Raymond and Busby said...

That is a GREAT story! That made us all smile. Perry was some cat!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We couldn't help laughing, even though we know it wasn't the least bit funny at the time. So glad Tommy kept her hold on Perry or things could have been worse.

Merry Christmas.

Angel and Kirby said...

Most little kids are scared of Santa the first time they see him. I guess kittens are no different!

Eric and Flynn said...

That made us laugh. Santa got more than he bargained for when he met Perry.

ABBY said...

What a wonderful (funny-- though not at that moment) story. We are so glad you shared it with us.

Merry Christmas

Noir the Texas Tabby said...

Hey, everybody! Thanks for stopping by and readin' about Perry!! Tommy even put the link on her Facebook page and one of her co-workers came up to here at 7:15 this morning to say she laughed. That made Tommy smile.


PS. When do I get a Facebook page???

The Island Cats said...

Haha! Good job, Perry!! That is a great story!! Those ladies were right...Santa has to be prepared that stuff like that might happen.

Our mom would love to take us to get our pictures with Santa but she knows this same thing would probably happen. So she has never chanced it.

Brian said...

That really was a good story! That Santa game is better than wack-a-mole! Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you!

Fin said...

What a warrior!!

Happiest of Holiday Wishes to all of you!!

Fin & Mom