December 18, 2011

Back on Sunday

We had no Internet from Thursday night  til sometime Saturday
I made sure I watched Tommy pay the bill a coupla weeks ago
So I knew THAT wasn't it. When Tommy called the
Humans at Verizon on Friday they said the connections was
"Asleep"--huh?  The human tried to do stuff from his
Place. Nothing worked. So he said Tommy needs to get
A new roto-router. Fine. She says. She'll get it at a
Verizon store on Saturday--I was HISSED.
No link to out the world? My pals? You Tube?
Tommy says it was a time to 'get back to herself'
On Saturday Tommy was gonna exchage the roto-router
But then she we had a link to civilization again!
Happy Day!
Me and Brother Earl Gray
Gotta do this tho:

Is still IS Sunday you know! 


Angel and Kirby said...

Verizon must have woken up the connection. We hope it enjoyed its nap and will nor need another! You two are very easy!

Old Kitty said...

Handsome Noir!! Me and Charlie are so glad you are back! We didn't know internet connections could "sleep" so we've learned something new today! Hooorah!! Awww enjoy your nap with gorgeous Brother Earl Gray! take care

Katnip Lounge said...


Mommy would've had to be HOSPITALIZED with no internet connection. She can't relax as nicely as you two...

Sparkle said...

If something happens and there is no internet here, my human LEAVES and goes where there IS internet! Hm, I kind of like no internet here - I get some peace then!

The Island Cats said...

No innernets??!? That's a tragedy!! Glad it is fixed now!!