March 24, 2013

Sports Sunday

Watched the Iowa State-Ohio State
NCAA Basketball Tournament game with Tommy

And why do humans scream at such games?
I did hafta to purr real loud for Tommy
Cuz her team-Iowa State-lost by
Something called a Buzzer Beater--
And Tommy was real sad. 

So Tommy decided a Starbucks
White Chocolate Mocha would make her 
Feel better and I went to spot to still
Get my Easy on so I would feel better! 
(Brother Earl Gray already got the top spot.) 


Angel and Kirby said...

You really have your easy on!

Katnip Lounge said...

Our Mommy says coffee cures a lot of ills!

Mr Puddy said...

Mom love Tommy's sad style !
She took note : )

The Island Cats said...

We prefer your spot to feel better rather than some coffee...though we hope Tommy gave you a taste of the whipped cream.

Sparkle said...

Did you get some whipped cream?

meowmeowmans said...

Sorry to hear Tommy's team lost. But yes, White Chocolate Mocha always helps things be better.