April 13, 2013

Maybe Saturday

Uncle MaxMaxx will come home!!
The nice vet called early Friday evening to tell Tommy 
Uncle's numbers were back to normal--
Especially the kidneys--and was tinkling on his own :) 
So unless something messes up 
They will sign off on Uncle MaxMaxx's 
Discharge papers and 
Our wide load of a kitty will be HOME! 
Keep your paws crossed 
And I'll make sure Tommy gives an update
When everything is said and done! 
Thank you everyone!! 
Tommy is on her way to get Uncle MaxMaxx!!
OK, so she's mutterin' something about
Only being able to afford  something called Raemen Noodles
For awhile-but who cares??
My wide load Uncle MaxMaxx is coming HOME! 
Stay tuned!  


Angel and Kirby said...

Yeah! We are happy he is coming home!

Sparkle said...

ALL my paws are crossed - and I asked my human to cross her eyes too! I can't wait for Uncle MaxMaxx to come home... and I bet he is even more anxious than me!!

Brian said...

Hooray, that would be so very wonderful!

Ginger Jasper said...

Wonderful news.. So pleased.. Hugs GJ xx

Katnip Lounge said...

We are THRILLED!!! Mommy says Ramen is pretty tasty...

The Island Cats said...

YAY! We're so glad Uncle MaxMaxx is on his way home!!

Flynn said...

That is great news that Uncle MaxMaxx is on his way home. I reckon he must be there by now.