April 20, 2013

Saturday As It Oughta Be

Last Saturday, Tommy sprung got 
Uncle MaxMaxx from the hospital--
We were a little scared cuz we didn't
Know how Uncle would feel after 
All his blockage ordeal and then being away 
From us (even Mooch) for so long!
Well, a week later: 
After Mommy, hissed at her brother,
aka my Uncle MaxMaxx
For the first day or so.  
All that hissed off stuff is gone and we got
Saturday just as it oughta be! 
I am so glad too! 


Sparkle said...

I'm glad things are back to normal with you kitties!

Angel and Kirby said...

That is as it should be!

Prancer Pie said...

We're glad, too! Hope you furriends had great weather today too. (we got catio time) It was great whiffin weather!

The Island Cats said...

Aw, that is so great to see. Happy Caturday!

meowmeowmans said...

We are SO glad Uncle MaxMaxx is home, and that things are back to normal. :)


Anonymous said...

Yippee! Guess that old v.e.t. smell has worn off!

Lizzie & 3 kitties