June 11, 2013

Double Vision...Sorta.

Ya know,  Daddy Peyton is the ONLY one
Mooch lets  get close to her. 
Daddy head bonks her, yet Mooch still 
Won't do it back. I think even tho she's been
With us, which seems like 500 years-
Mooch still gets a little flakey still around us--
However in the meantime tho: 


Sparkle said...

I guess sharing the cat tree is good enough for now!

HH and The Boys said...

We love that photo of you two on the tree... Very peaceful.

Have a great day.

hugs, Bugsy and Knuckles

Angel and Kirby said...

Your Daddy knows that even a Mooch needs a friend!

The Island Cats said...

Yeah, Zoey has been here long time and she still gets a little flakey, too.

Wally & Ernie

Katherine Leach said...

I think it is impressive that they are sharing the cat totem pole. Daddy Peyton just has that special brand of charm that helps Mooch feel more comfortable. Both of the kitties look sweet lounging around.