August 3, 2013

Hissed Off Tuxie Saturday

'cause Uncle MaxMaxx is back in the hospital. 
Yep.  Uncle got took to prison   on Thursday.  Tommy thought Uncle wasn't acting too sickly--translation: Uncle was still eating and drinking--but, there was a tug at Tommy, something wasn't all the way right. Then Thursday she caught Uncle in a squat that wasn't the poo box a doing this straining thing.

Long story short some tinkle tink urinary issues. Not as bad as Uncle had them in April. Uptil this happened Uncle zipped up the cat tree and bopped me on the head.  He didn't hideaway like he did in April, but....Uncle is doing much better. The prison guards  staff him a sweet boy! He's hooked up to an IV, a catheter and resting comfortably as he can. Tommy went to see him yesterday, and is headed there this morning too. These are photos from  Friday. 
Uncle was brought into a room and put on a table. Tommy says even with all that stuff hooked up and on Uncle, she got her arms around him and cuddled him close. Before the prison guard one of the staff left them alone, she said, "You can tell he's happy too see you."  For those moments all was right with the world. 
 And the reason I know my Uncle MaxMaxx ain't feeling THAT bad?  Because the prison guards told Tommy it took THREE (3) of em to hold down Uncle to give him his medicine.

Yea. Uncle is gonna be just fine! 


Sparkle said...

Poor Uncle MaxMaxx, having to be stuck at the vet's for days! I'm glad they are taking care of him, though - and that he is showing so much spirit when it is time for his meds! I'm sending him lots of purrs and I hope he gets to come home soon!

Katnip Lounge said...

Poor guy...we are purring HARD for Uncle MaxMaxx!! And giggling just a little bit over how fiesty he is.

The Lee County Clowder said...

Purrrrrrsss for MaxMaxx. Pee problems are painful, especially for boykitties.

Anonymous said...

Poor Uncle MaxMaxx! Glad it's not as bad as before and hope he'll be home (raising heck?!) real soon. He sure looked happy to see his Mommy.

Lizzie & 3 kitties

The Island Cats said...

We're purring for Uncle MaxMaxx and hope he will be home soon.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Glad Uncle will be better. No fun to be sick and in prison!

Old Kitty said...

Awwww Uncle MaxMaxx!! We saw this news on Prancer Pie's blog! We don't blog on Saturday so we totally missed this!! Awww you poor sweetheart! Are you home now? How are you? Awwww please please be ok!!! Sending you lots of purrs and hugs! Take care

Terri said...

Hee hee! That is definitely one way to tell how bad a cat feels! We're sending lots of purrs and hugs to Uncle MaxMaxx.

Meg & Quill said...

Big Purrs to you Uncle Max Max!

Team Tabby said...

Wow, Uncle MaxMaxx is quite a trooper, sick as he is! We are sending our purrs and purrayers for a speedy recovery!!


Father Tom said...

Hang on, Uncle MaxMaxx and give 'em all a good show when they come at you with the meds. Purrs and positive thoughts going out to you for a quick recovery..

Thank you so much for your kind words for Tom. We will always miss him, but we know his friends were there for him. xx

Mom Julie, Tinker & Anastasia

Angel and Kirby said...

We are so sorry that Uncle MaxMax is in the hospital! We hope he gets to come home tomorrow!