October 15, 2013

Tuxie in the Window

Rainy and chilly Dallas day and when
Tommy walked up to our
Chateau d'Chat after work,
Tommy smiled:
First Uncle MaxMaxx was lookin and
Even hollerin' at Tommy--but then our
Human pulls out the phone/camera
(do humans even USE the phone on their phone?)
And Uncle does a profile shot instead!
Just goes to show how Uncle MaxMaxx is cat.
 And that's how he rolls. 


Katnip Lounge said...

BIG GRINS to see Uncle back to his usual self...HURRAH!!!!!

Sometimes, Cats Herd You said...

You're lucky he didn't show you a tock shot instead!

We don't think that peeps use phones on their phone at all any more, either.

Noir the Texas Tabby said...

Tommy says she doesn't even talk on the phone much any more---but takin' pictures...goodness!
Uncle does look mighty good, doesn't he???


Sparkle said...

Good job, Uncle Max Maxx!

Old Kitty said...

Awwwww so lovely to see Uncle MaxMaxx looking gorgeous! Take care

The Island Cats said...

Lookin' good, Uncle MaxMaxx!