January 21, 2014

Tuesday Tabby Twilight

Tommy gave me some much needed PC time-
My human says she's been thru a wringer and some these past days.
 Yep. From plumbing issues, where Tommy didn't know how
Bad it was til our washer's water poured into the tub and out of the toilet during the spin cycle--And this was way after Tommy got all DIY, and changed the water pump in the washer with alot of help from You Tube--and then the box to the TV that makes all the magic happened just quit working, so Tommy went to see humans named Verizon and got another--this was while Tommy waited for the City Water Humans come to our house to do a 'sewer clean out' oh, and Tommy had to get new tires, but the catnip of all this--last week, Tommy sat in a meeting with other humans, waiting to find out if they would lose their jobs. ,  Tommy kept her job, yet 110 of her co-workers will be saying good-bye by the end of March.
So after all this, Tommy came on home, put on her jammies, and propped on the sofa:

Hence, ME and Brother Earl Gray take solace on a purple, flannel log
(aka Tommy's leg)
Stuff really is all good.


Sparkle said...

Sounds like Tommy needs some purrs!

Angel and Kirby said...

Tommy has had a very long week and it is only Tuesday?

Anonymous said...

Oh my...When it rains it pours. Glad you've still got your job and hope the drain and TV are working again. Things can only get better?!

Lizzie & 2 kitties

The Island Cats said...

Aw, poor Tommy. She's had a rough go of it lately. She needs some snuggles from all of you.