May 23, 2014

Friday Feline Flashback

Zigo.  Yep, Zigo
Tis the Siamese with lasers goin' on-

Who rests on a piano in long time ago year 1974.
 Zigo got got for 10 bucks as a 8 week old itty bitty kitty
And his name? From a movie title that Tommy can't recall its plot!
And do you see Brother Earl Gray? 
Brother rests on said very 
 same living room ornament piano that I betcha
Angel Zigo still lays claim to, 'cause he had it first :)
Not bad...not bad at all.


Sparkle said...

I don't have anything to lay claim to here that belonged to the cat before me.

Colehaus Cats said...

Purr-fectly fine to lay claim to all things claimed before. That makes 'em extra loved, our dad says. Purrs...

The Island Cats said...

That piano is a popular spot to lay. :)