June 12, 2014

It's June 12th and

Yep. On this day--well, really night time about 8 PM Tommy says she heard cries. Tommy panic'd because she didn't see Mommy and thought Mommy could be hurt. Up the stairs Tommy flew and peeked under the bed--where the cries seemed to be coming from. 

There was Mommy. And Tommy thought Mommy was given herself a bath--until Tommy saw the ittiest bittiest kitty she'd seen in pretty much ever.  And the itty bitty kitty let out teeny meows. Tommy says that's when she plopped her bottom on the floor and said out loud: Kittens and laughed. I really think Tommy musta been in shock, cuz when it came to Mommy before us being born, my human admits to something called 'denial."
Anyway 7 whole years later, here Me and Brother Earl Gray are. We have two sibs, there names were Sophie and Silver. One of Tommy's friends took them, the landlord wasn't thrilled about a couple cats--since the friend had dogs.  Tommy regrets not taking them back--however this was before we got our house, and Tommy was scared to be busted with all of us, even if we were itty bitty. My sibs went to friendly shelter, and were adopted right away--not together tho. We all hope Sophie and Silver  have good furr-ever homes. Tommy says now, she wishes she hadn't been so scared, so we could have been all together still. 

Since it is my birthday I asked how everybody felt when we got born:

Mommy said: I was so happy and tired.My babies were finally here--so small, so beautiful. 

Daddy Peyton said: "All of you were so LOUD. You got that from your mother.

Uncle MaxMaxx said: I was hungry and Tommy forgot about me--because of YOU.  And I'm STILL hungry.

Tommy said: "I had kittens. I need ice cream.  

And I say: Where's the birthday treats??
And Tommy says 
she wants to get this
kinda cake--but I think
something tuna-ish with a 
side of chicken would be better....stay tuned!


Sparkle said...

Happy birthday to you and Brother Earl Gray! I do agree, a tuna cake and chicken are exactly what this occasion calls for!

Hannah and Lucy said...

Happy purrday to you and Earl Grey. We'll raise a toast to you both to have many, many more.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Flynn said...

Happy Birthday to both of you. You were the cutest little itty bitty kitties.

Angel and Kirby said...

Happy birthday to you and Brother Earl Gray!

Katnip Lounge said...


We think the story of your entry into the world is simply the BEST.

Jenna said...

Happy Birthday, you two sweeties! Tuna cake would be perfect for your 7th birthday :)