October 4, 2014

Tabby Ticked Saturday

What's up with THIS??? 
So hissed off am I--my handsome-ness is blurred!!  Tommy doing her crafty-ness and puts the Royal Badness (aka Mooch) on a brick marble tile(with Mooch's tongue hangin' out and everything!)
  Tommy sees how bent out of catnip I am--, so she tells me to gander at this:
Hey!! That's MORE like it!  ME on a brick marble tile too!
 My human says she's trying to get good at doing this brick stuff.  Well, since Tommy showed how good she's gettin' by putting ME on the brick   marble-
 I gotta get back to  Saturday:
With a little help from my Brother Earl Gray!


Summer said...

That's right, Noir - make sure you get your moment in the spotlight... or tile!

Jans Funny Farm said...

Is Tommy painting you on the marble?

Mr Puddy said...

Look pawsome for me :)
Happy Weekend Guys !

Flynn said...

Both tiles look good to me.

Lone Star Cats said...

Very cool tiles!

Noir the Texas Tabby said...

No, Jan-Tommy is painting me on the tile--if she did...oh my goodness, uh--it would be abstract quite never seen :) She transferred a photo of handsome ME onto the marble!


The Island Cats said...

That's pretty cool. How'd Tommy do that??

Noir the Texas Tabby said...

Eeks--I left out a word in my post--oops. Tommy is NOT painting me on the tile...she's did done a transfer to the tile--and says it's 'magic'..hmm


Anonymous said...

Oh Wow those awe gweat. Dat's weally pawsum and yous lookin' mighty gawjus.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Lexi