March 14, 2015

Tuxie Two Step Saturday

Edie and her Brother settle in on a special kind of Saturday Oh, you know them as Mommy and my Uncle MaxMaxx.
See, back on this day, March 14, 2006--Tommy had this
operation to fix a sick valve inside her heart. At home, waiting for Tommy to get home, were now Angels Sammy and Perry
When Tommy got done with the operation all the nurse humans said Tommy was the quickest human they ever saw who woke up!  The humans had to call over to find the doctor so they could get Tommy's tubey thing out of her throat. Anyway, all these years later, Tommy is doing fine and really believes when Sammy ran ran off to the Bridge in August 2006, he made sure Mommy, Uncle and Daddy Peyton got born. Because Tommy saw these itty bitty kitties playing by her apartment, 'round October, or so, and the week before Thanksgiving 2006, the trio moved in. I still don't think Perry ever forgave Tommy either, but Tommy says it was all meant to be. So on this 9th anniversary, 
of Tommy having that operation to fix her heart all up
we are all together
being a family.
(even Mooch and Daddy Peyton 
 is still the ONLY one who likes her!)


Flynn said...

You all make a lovely family. I am glad Tommy's op was successful all those years ago.

Lone Star Cats said...

Glad Tommy's operayshun wuz successful all dose years ago!

The Island Cats said...

What a sweet family you are.

Katnip Lounge said...

Time for a celebration!

Summer said...

Yes, this is a great day to celebrate!