August 28, 2015

Remembrance Day 2015

Tommy got leaky eyed looking over pictures of before kitties--
She says she remembers them all and smiles.

Their little 'quirks' Tommy says, from Millee the Calico who moved
to Dallas with Tommy, along with Millee's long hair'd ginger big boned son Morris (click here to read a 2009 blog post I let Tommy write!) to Angel Perry who tolerated all of us, to a sweet mancat I wish I could have met: Sammy the Snowshoe Siamese

Tommy says Sammy ran to the bridge, after a long fight with renal problems. My human believes Sammy knew Tommy was on the mend from her open heart surgery five months before. Sammy went to sleep in Tommy's arms, while held close to her heart, listening to Tommy talking to him.

This is one of Tommy's fave photos of Perry and Sammy.
From 2002...and
Tommy still smiles thru a few tears.


The Island Cats said...

What a sweet memory. Purrs....

Summer said...

Nice memories today of very special kitties!

Flynn said...

That is a lovely picture of Perry and Sammy.

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Beautiful kitties. I just read the story of Morris- birds in the house are bad luck so he was doing you all a favor. I am superstitious- sorry if this comment offends anyone.