December 28, 2008

My First Entry--MEOW!

WOW! My girl Thomasina-but I call her Tommy, finally said OK to ME to have a log! My claws claws I dug in her leg while she typed musta persuaded her! What should I write about outside of ME? .

First paws first. My name is Noir. My names means "dark" in French. Tommy gave that name because she said my brother and I looked SO much alike when we were born (under her bed on a Tuesday night) she had to think of something. My younger brother is lighter than me and named Earl Gray. Tommy says we're both handsome boys.

She needs stronger glasses. I'm much more handsome. This picture is of me and brother nappin'.

I can write about my family, Tommy and that mean OLD cat who thinks he rules the roost. Tommy's had him long before we showed up. His name is Perry, but she's calls him her 'One.' I call him Zero. I don't like him. I hiss in my best Simba from the Lion King impersonation.

Done with my first entry. Tommy needs a purr since her Dallas Cowboys lost 44-6 to the Eagles. I knew the Eagles would win. Don't tell Tommy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Noir ... I hear you're quite the cat burglar (pardon the pun). Thanks for protecting Thomasina when she helped me out!

Noir said...

Sure. Tommy says you're really fun. Tommy says you would sneeze and then not breath if you met ME. What's fun about that?


Everycat said...

Hello Noir and Hello Earl Grey! Very nice to meet you both. That's a good old snuggle you have going on there.

Whicky Wuudler

Noir said...

Thank you! Earl Gray was the last one born Tommy says. She woke up the next morning, after Mommy had 3 of us under her bed. Tommy had put us in one of her bathrooms. And when she work up--there was Earl Gray. He hollerd alot then and still now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Noir! All us Good Cats (just north of Philadelphia) send welcoming greetings down your way.