December 30, 2008


Hello again fellow felines (especially Tuxedo Tabbies!) and our humans. Hope all of you are purr-fect!

I am.

Tommy just got home a little bit ago. Good to see her after being gone all day. ME and Mommy always meet here at the door. Then we go to our favorite spot on the carpet and scatch it. Tommy always says it's another confirmation she needs to put a different kind of floor in. Tommy still pet us all, stayed a few minutes and then left again. This was after she checked this cabinet in her kitchen. To see how much food we had, I'm sure.

Smart girl.

Then there was this election. Didn't know really what it was for. Didn't really know why Tommy was so excited about a family moving into some big old White House. Been reading online (when Tommy is gone) that the little girls moving there want a puppy. WHY? We cats could slip in and partake in all those fancy shmancy gatherings they have there (I've read up on that too!) More better than some dog. Cats purr. Dogs don't. To each her own.

And last, I said I would talk about my family. So here is a picture of ME and my Mommy. I was still a bitty baby when my bestest girl kissed me. Tommy entered this picture in some contest at her job. Got a lot of votes, she said, but didn't win. Tommy said that was fine, because she had the real thing at home. And that was prize enough.

Smart girl.


Everycat said...

Your Tommy is a smart girl. Nothing beats the real thing. That's a sweet picture!

Whicky Wuudler

Noir said...

Thank you! I like the picture too. I was so itty bitty then!