January 6, 2009

Another Day

YEA! Tommy stayed home again today. Says she feels more like herself today. After Tommy fed us and cleaned our boxes, she ate a little bit and went back to bed. She slept really good. That's because all of us cats were curled by her. I'm glad we can take care of her, especially ME. I will show you all my family, even cranky ol' sour puss Perry. I've heard Tommy say she never planned to have so many of us.She didn't know Mommy was really a girl until she had Me and brothers and sister under Tommy's bed. Tommy says Mommy looked like a 'runt' and thought stuff hadn't all developed. So she didn't rush to get everybody snipped. I don't know what that means--oh wait, yes I do. The day Tommy took me this place, where they kept me in a cage. I hissed at this lady when she tried to reach in and get Me. Tommy tried to talk to me and calm me down. I just wanted to go home. OK, my brother Silver and Sophie found nice homes. Now, Tommy says who would she give away? We're all a little family.

Peyton, my daddy. Got my stripes from him. Me and Mommy. Brother Earl Gray.

Uncle MaxMaxx. He's Fat. Cranky ol Sour puss, Perry


Everycat said...

So there's six of you! What a lovely cat family you are. I'm glad Tommy is feeling better.

Noir said...

Yep. Six of us. Perry still has a problem with us sometimes, but he's always curled on the bed with us at night. Go figure. Tommy feels better and is going back to work today. She says we need litter so she has to go back.