January 7, 2009

TV Memory

I curled up with Tommy to watch some TV. Since the Dallas Cowboys aren't playing anymore, Tommy doesn't seem to turn on the TV as much. Which is too bad, because I'm not too good with the remote when she's not here, and us cats like us alittle TV. Anyway. Tommy and Me watched a show that looked kinda old--I mean, all the female humans had their clothes and the male humans weren't cussing and nobody was taking a naked nap together. Yep. Looked like REAL ol' TV, kinda like cranky ol' sour puss cat in residence, Perry. In the TV show's opening, this long haired female walked down this street and threw her cap up in the air. There was fluffy ball at the tip. WOW! If I'd caught that, it was MINE. Tommy laughed at lot of the TV show we watched. Tommy said, since she's all grown up now, she gets the humor. Tommy said, "They don't make em like that way anymore." The females were Mary, Rhoda and Phyllis. Mary's the one that threw her cap up in the air. Rhoda seemed to be fun. Like she would let a couple cats own her, but that Phyllis. Something bout her. She looked so familiar, but didn't. She talked, but didn't seem to yak on and on and on from what I thought I knew her from. Maybe because this TV show was so long ago. Then Tommy said, "Look at that Cloris! A little different from Dancing With the Stars, huh?" THAT WAS IT! Me and Tommy LOVED DWTS, except we didn't vote for Phyllis er, I mean Cloris and voted for Warren Sapp. I hope Tommy and Me watch this show again. It was called "The Mary Tyler Moore Show." I liked it even tho Mr. Grant told Mary to make him a drink, while they were at work! I guess the show is a little old. Where's that ball on her cap??


Derby said...

May I offer a suggestion. It is hard to read your blog with the lighter color of words on a white background. Size of the font too! Some of us older cats need all the help we can get!

Noir said...

Is it better now? Tommy wears reading glasses over her contacts. She says she's older and gets it. I'm younger and I don't. Tommy said to just do it. I did.