January 31, 2009

Saturday Site

Today it's about ME: Perry! The KING of this city jungle not the Cranky Ol Sour Puss which the kid cat Noir calls me. I am the handsome orange tabby or maybe you'd call me ginger tabby. I like orange because tigers are orange and got stripes---like ME.

Anyway Tom (that's what I call her instead of Tommy) had her get together with her litter of writer friends today. Came home all happy and excited because one of them is gonna be published in some book about chickens. No-wait, that's not it. Hmm. It's chicken soup! I like chicken soup. OK--wait. The kid cat Noir just told me: Chicken Soup for the Soul. Tom's writer friend wrote about being a twin. So? This cat Tom brought in had the kid cat Noir and three others. Oh well, Tom is happy for the writer, so I'll be happy for the writer friend too. I still like chicken soup. Does anybody write about that?

The kid cat Noir posts kitten pictures of himself. Hiss. I was here WAY before any em. Before they invaded MY space and MY Tom. So here's a picture of ME now and one when I was about the kid cat Noir's age. Just something about my pretty orange fur. When Tom took me to the doctor the first time, he said Tom would enjoy my disposition. I didn't know what meant, I was too busy trying to jump off the table. Tom says, through the years I've never bored her. Purr-fect felines are like that.

Speaking of bore, back to my picture. The yawn I have? Even tho I was a kid cat back then- I already ready knew something in the future would bore me to sleep: Noir.

How in the world can I be called cranky when I'm just honest?

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