January 10, 2009

Saturday Stuff

Tommy says we're all going on a diet.

Cranky ol' sour puss Perry says it's because Tommy lost a whole bunch of weight way before any of us showed up. Perry says he was a happier cat then too. I don't like him.

Mommy says a diet might be a good idea. She kepts saying 'baby fat.' I don't know what that means. Uncle MaxMaxx says it's just another one of Tommy's fool ideas. Like when she tries to paint one of our walls. Then she paints over it because the color of it isn't as pretty as thought it would be. Kinda like the small wall in the hallway was this tangerine color. That's what Mommy said the color was. It was just ugly to Me.

Tommy painted it all white again. And now can't make up her mind what color to make it. She even said she wants another house. Hmm. Maybe Uncle MaxMaxx is right after all.

And what if Tommy loses more weight? What if her lap doesn't feel the same? I wouldn't like that. Think I'll be like Uncle MaxMaxx, who could stand to really lose a few--and take a nap to wait it out. A nap solves everything.


Everycat said...

Diets cause nothing but trouble. Bony laps are of no use to anycat.

Noir said...

Ahh. I see your point! Smart cat you are!! Thanks!