January 11, 2009

Show n Tell Sunday

I wanted to show more pictures to show all my cat chums and their humans. These were when I was really itty bitty and don't remember at all. Mommy says sometimes she misses us being so itty bitty. And when Tommy came home from what she says was getting her praise on....I don't know what means-she had a big ol' thing of ice cream! Does mean our diet is over? There will be some mighty good bottom of the bowl ice cream lickin's when we watch Desperate Housewives tonight! Enjoy the pictures!
Uncle MaxMaxx checks out his niece and nephew (ME!)
Me and Mommy snackin
Earl Gray
Earl Gray and Mommy
Earl Gray and Mommy now


Everycat said...

What lovely kittens you were, and what lovely grown cats you are now! Thank you for sharing these pictures with us.

Noir said...
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Noir said...

Thanks! Tommy says she never had kittens right from the very start. She says it's been an 'adventure'....not sure what that means. I think it's good.