January 25, 2009


Nothing much today. Tommy came home after she got her Praise On. Still not sure what that means. Yet Tommy smiles alot, so it's gotta be good. We're all kinda taking it slow today. Like Mommy and her brother, Uncle MaxMaxx. While the sun shines and birds flock to our feeders, Tommy looked at pictures of other houses. Says she wants us to have a bigger house someday, especially one with a master bathroom. I don't get it. Isn't one litter box enough for human? I guess not . Oh well. Tommy says unless us cats get a job or other humans buy Tommy's writing, we'll stay put for the time being. I all ready know I'm allergic to jobs, so this house does just fine. Got my choice of window. Now I am tired. Time to curl with Mommy and Uncle MaxMaxx.

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