January 26, 2009


It's cold here in Dallas. The weather humans say "ice" maybe tomorrow. Tommy says as long as everyone is safe and warm, she's ok with ice-gives her a reason to stay home with us. This picture is when we were all itty bitty cats and 4 of us were still together. That's my sister Sophie, a calico, at the very top. My brother Silver to the left. Earl Gray--always sleeping-to the right-and ME. Mommy was close for milk and warm. Just like tonight. Mommy is still the best blanket ever.


The Monkeys said...

Awww! Nothing much cuter than a pile of kittens!

Tracey and Huffle said...

Hi kitty cats! I saw you joined Cats with Blogs so I came over to say hello. Wow there are a lot of kitties in your house!

Huffle Mawson

Noir said...

Tommy says she hated to split us up. I miss my sister and brother. Tommy says she only wanted 2 cats. And know she has all of us. And she says she wouldn't know how to act without us. Maybe not have to buy so much kitty litter....?

Thanks for stopping by the blog!