February 20, 2009

Friday Ago Memory

Tommy said Socks went to Heaven today. He lived in that big White House where the family who lives there now, want a dog. Tommy smiled when she saw Socks' picture and said how Socks probably had so much fun in that big White House. And Socks feels so much better now that's he's in Heaven.

When Tommy looked through her pictures, I saw one of Cranky Ol Sour Puss Perry, who didn't look much like a sour puss but looked kinda nice--with a Siamese.

That Siamese musta known something we don't know. Perry doesn't curl up with us at all! Oh well. Tommy says the Snow Shoe Siamese is Sammy. Renal failure finally took him. Tommy said Sammy cradled his head under her chin as she talked to him until Sammy went to sleep. Tommy says memories of Socks will be forever with his families. Just like Sammy is with Tommy.

New memories, started three months after Sammy went to Heaven, Tommy says. That's when Mommy, Daddy Peyton and Uncle MaxMaxx virtually showed up at her door step and moved in.

That musta have been with Perry turned into a cranky ol sour puss. Hmm. Come to think about it, maybe Perry still has his own Sammy memories too?
I'll try to be nicer.
Don't tell Perry.


The Island Cats said...

Hi Noir! We read about Socks too...and it made mom a little sad cuz she remembers Socks...he was a good cat....

Noir said...

Tommy says he was a good cat too. Makes her a littie sad too.

Grrreta said...

Sammy was a very pretty kitty. It looks like he and Perry were friendly. Maybe Perry will warm to you kitties eventually.

Noir said...

Tommy says Sammy was beautiful, especially with his deepest sea blue eyes. Tommy says Sammy just kinda put with Perry, but they did sorta get along. Perry's known me since I was born, he just looks at me and I run. We all do. Maybe one day.