February 19, 2009

Thursday Tired

This is my brother Earl Gray. I like this one of him. Earl Gray flops anywhere to sleep. Tommy says Earl Gray did that when he was even an itty bitty cat. He would just flop in front of her--Tommy thought she would step on him. Tommy says Earl Gray was the first to purr. Well, I was first born....so there!
I love my brother.


The Creek Cats said...

We bet Earl Gray is so cute when he does his flop n nap!

Noir said...

Hmm. Tommy says he is and how brother Earl Gray is her pretty boy. Whatever.

Grrreta said...

Earl Gray is so cute! My sister, Teddi, likes to flop 'n nap too. She always likes flop wherever Mommy is, and if Mommy stays there a while, it turns into a nap.

Noir said...

EXACTLY! Teddi and Earl Gray must be distance related! :)

Noir in Texas