February 12, 2009

Thursday Truce

After the crock pot thing yesterday, Tommy seems to love us again. She says the crock pot still heats up--so all is OK. I don't know what that means, but Tommy says stuff is all OK, I'm OK.

Speaking of something heated: cranky ol sour puss, Perry usually avoids us. He hisses at me. Daddy Peyton tries to bump heads with him--I guess cuz they're both ginger tabbies (Perry says he IS orange--whatever!) well, Perry doesn't feel any of that. When it comes to Tommy, he must be the closest to her--always.

But then this picture. Kind of a truce at the OK Kitty Coral. So Perry has his back to Mommy and Uncle MaxMaxx. They all seem at ease. Hmm. Maybe the back side is the BEST side for cranky ol sour pusses...

Don't tell Perry.


The Creek Cats said...

Hi Guys! Happy Friday! We have featured you on our Friends Friday post today and given you an award! Stop by our blog sometime and pick it up, ok!
The Creek Cats

Noir said...

Thank you much!!! You guys are Purr-fect Pals!


Cliff and Olivia said...

Two tuxies??!? How does that work? How do you decide who is the cutest?


Noir said...

Who's cutest? That's easy! MOMMY! She's on the left. Uncle MaxMaxx says he's as handsome as he is 'big-boned.' So I guess that's alot. :)