February 11, 2009

Wednesday Window Woo

The window.
Yep, this is where we wound up after Tommy came home from her job. See, Tommy walked into the kitchen, and saw her box of Cheerios and, well---a thing Tommy calls her crock pot--on the floor. She looked at us, and asked (real loud), "WHO--was up here?" We all blinked and ran. I heard Tommy say, she was so glad the pot with her leftover chili was in the fridge.I guess it goes that pot goes in the crock pot. Tommy wonders now if her crock pot is broken. She put the plug in thingy in the wall.
So I put this picture of Me and Mommy on here. Maybe with all the hearts Tommy will remember she still loves us.


The Creek Cats said...

Uh oh! Did you guys go a bad?

Noir said...

Hmm. Since Tommy is back to loving us, I can finally respond. We didn't so much go bad--we, just...well...the crock pot just got in the WAY!